Sony’s new PS5 price and release date leak says Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is in a lead!

The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5, if you prefer) had a bit of a leaky listing problem today on Amazon France. There, it would appear that the Sony PS5 was listed as a pre-release product with a release date of November 20, 2020, and prices at approximately 2,400 and 3,000 Ghana Cedis.

Price structure precedent suggests that the release prices in the USA would, then, be around GHC2,400 for the Digital Edition PS5 and GHC3,000 for the standard PlayStation 5.

We have not seen any leaks on this level for Xbox Series X, but the price of the last two generations of Xbox One devices have been approximately GHC3000 at launch. That was the base price of the original Xbox One, and the base price of the Xbox One X.

There’s a good chance that the launch of the Xbox Series X will be followed by a no-disk version for a significantly lower price. Like the Xbox One S, there’ll certainly be a calling for a lower-priced “Digital Edition” of the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X will almost certainly be launched inside of November, as well – but we’ve yet to see a “listed in a store on accident” sort of situation to give us that last bit of pre-official confirmation.

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The PlayStation 5 price leak, per Ben Geskin, showed up on Amazon France, as shown above. This week we’ve also seen the latest iteration of the Sony PlayStation 4 appear in stores (in France) for around 95-Euro (equivalent). That’s around 45-Euro off the standard price (for the Slim edition).

The Sony PlayStation 5 will likely launch for the prices GHC2,400 and GHC3,000 USD (equivalent) for the Digital and the standard editions. That’ll be MORE than the original price of the Sony PlayStation 4 (at launch), which was approximately GHC2,400 USD. The Sony PlayStation 3 launched for closer to 3,600 USD – which is absolutely bonkers!

Now, if the Sony PlayStation 5 can launch a Digital Edition for GHC2,400, and the standard version (which we wouldn’t be surprised to find was eventually re-named PlayStation 5 Pro, but for now, has no extra name), was priced at GHC3000, Microsoft would have an edge. Release at the same time, this holiday season, Microsoft could just hold an event where they suggest that the Xbox One X is part of their “current” lineup of consoles, pricing said device at GHC2,000 – and bang! They’d sell the rest of their stock – but we shall see!

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