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Ride-hailing company, Bolt (formerly Taxify), launches “Bolt For Business”

The ride-hailing company, Bolt (formerly Taxify), has launched a new initiative in Ghana called “Bolt For Business“.

The initiative will allow companies to manage and pay for corporate trips through a portal.

Bolt, the on-demand transportation platform that operates in Accra, Ghana, has launched Bolt for Business, allowing companies of all sizes to manage and pay for corporate trips via a single, easy-to-use portal.

Bolt App

Companies can allocate a budget through the Bolt platform to individual employees.

Nonso Onwuzulike, city manager for Bolt, stated: “We have launched Bolt for Business after noticing that a growing number of Bolt trips are taken for business purposes during working hours, whether it’s commuting to work, rushing to client meetings or getting to the airport.”

In a country with erratic public transport and high costs of car ownership, Bolt for Business offers a convenient and cost-efficient solution to business travel. It also provides an alternative transport option for the many young people entering the workplace, who cannot yet afford their own vehicle or who actively choose to not buy a car,” he added.

The Bolt For Business feature allows account managers of companies the ability to customise spending allowances, as well as the number of trips employees, can take.

The feature is available on desktop and mobile through a digital dashboard for easy management. Companies pay a monthly fee to Bolt for access to this feature.

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