NCA set to drive away fake and sub-standard devices

The National Communication Authority (NCA) has developed regulations in an attempt to deal with the influx of sub-standard and fake Electronic Communication Equipment (ECE).

In this regard, the NCA has prepared a draft Electronic Communications Equipment (Type Approval) Regulations, 2019 to check the menace.

According to NCA Director General Joe Anokye, they are particularly seeking to enforce Regulation 3(n) of the National Communications Authority Act of 2008, Act 769.

The Act empowers the NCA to certify ECEs to ensure they meet international standards including environmental health and electromagnetic radiation and emissions.

Henry Kanor, Deputy Director General of Technical Operations at the NCA who spoke on behalf of Mr. Anokye during a workshop in Ho in the Volta Region over the draft Bill asked all users, dealers, key industry players “to make inputs to the draft document so it can fully address the electronic communication needs of the country,” when finally approved.

He said three modern Approval Laboratories have already been set up to ensure all electronic communication equipment brought or used in Ghana are tested to ensure they meet the standards as mandated by law.

Mr. Kanor said that after the necessary certifications and testing, device dealers would have the NCA Type Approval sticker on their products before they can operate.

The Deputy Director of Regulatory Administration at NCA, Isaac Kofi Boateng also said the regulation would reduce the disruption of public networks, improve the quality of communication service and facilitate efficient management of spectrum resources for radio and electronic communication equipment.

He said that the regulation would mandate dealers and manufacturers to give warranty for their products to ensure consumers get replacements or refunds when a product is problematic as well as provide sanctions for those who flout it.

Participants at the workshop wanted a review of the section of the draft Regulation that exempts some institutions from being guided by the Type Approval Regulations.

They also stressed the need for monitoring to ensure the regulation is fully enforced when in operation.

NCA Deputy Director for Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Kwame Gyan pleaded with the public to volunteer information to the NCA which now has presence all across the country and assured participants that their inputs will be considered in finalising the draft.

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