MTN Opens Up Its Mobile Money API In Ghana

MTN Ghana has opened up it’s Mobile Money API in Ghana to developers, programmers and any interested third parties.

MTN had previously opened up it’s Mobile Money API to developers and programmers in Uganda where users could get free access to MTN’s mobile money proprietary software platform.

With an open API, local third parties (developers and programmers) can sign up and test out the API to help develop different solutions and products.

Current Uses Cases Of The API

With the API, users can do the following:

  • Collect Payments (Collections)
  • Disburse Money
  • Do Remittances
  • Receive & Money on a website using QR (Collection Widget)

Collection Of Payment

With Collections, Mobile Money users can receive payments for goods and services using the MTN Mobile Money service. Customers can initiate payments via USSD, an App or Web interfaces where a customer is sent a debit request for approval.


With Disbursements, Mobile Money users can send money in bulk to different recipients with just one click. Different scenarios including betting companies paying winners.

Collection Widget

With the Collection Widget, it’s possible for developers to integrate a checkout option with Mobile Money for customers to pay for items or services with Mobile Money.


With Remittances, a customer can transfer or receive funds from the disapora to their account in the local currency. The money transfer is in real-time.
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