Prof. Joshua Alabi

Let’s aggressively promote online education – Prof. Joshua Alabi

Professor Joshua Alabi, a member of the Governing Council of the Laweh Open University College, Ghana, has called on the country’s authorities to adopt and promote open and distance online system of learning, especially for tertiary education students.

Open online education is a flexible part-time mode of learning that allows distance learning using online platforms to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

He said the open online system of learning would help workers with interest in furthering their education without quitting or leaving their jobs.

Prof. Alabi said currently, per the country’s tertiary educational system, only about 16 out of 100 qualified students that applied were given admission into public tertiary institutions due to structural and functional inadequacies.

Meanwhile, he said, the open system could help to resolve all those problems and offer prepared students the opportunity to acquire knowledge at the time they wanted.

Prof. Alabi, who was a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, made this known as the Guest Speaker at a convocational lecture organised by the Laweh Open University College in Accra, on the theme, “Relevance of Open and Distance Learning in Contemporary Ghana.”

For many years, the Ghanaian educational system had focused more on certification than learning, thereby, contributing to an increase in examination malpractices, he said.

“With open online education, you are not forced to learn, you are a disciplined and matured person who knows exactly what he wants to learn, puts in his best and takes the studies seriously to excel,” he explained.

The Guest Speaker said there were many knowledgeable and skillful individuals in different vocational and technical works, who had been denied access to education because they did not possess certificates, which was wrong.

“There is the need for a paradigm shift in Africa’s educational system and when you meet someone at the basic level and you do not give the person a chance to progress, how do you determine that the person is capable,” he asked.

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