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Here is the much talked about made-in-Ghana racing game – Everything you need to know!

A brilliant software developer in Ghana who identifies himself on social media by the name @The Dynasto has made an amazing racing game with the city of Accra.

Photos, videos and screenshots of the game have been sighted on different social media platforms as many Ghanaians have been excited to see the innovation.

The developer calls the game RWC Racing and is available for both android and IOS users to download and enjoy.

Until now, games many Ghanaians and Africans have been playing feature beautiful places overseas and @TheDynasto has broken that status quo in a remarkable way.

Apart from the popular landmarks in Accra that have been featured in the game, the game also has the different varieties of cars used in Ghana.

One of the most interesting vehicles spotted was the ‘yellow-yellow’ or ‘Mahama Camboo’ whose usage is only beginning to increase in the capital city of Ghana.

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