Gov’t launches website for Ghanaians to track infrastructural projects

The Government of Ghana has launched, a website that enables the general public to “interrogate the data” on infrastructural projects undertaken by the Akufo-Addo administration.

Vice President, Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia launched the government website at a sponsored ‘Town Hall Meeting’ at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences auditorium in Accra on Tuesday, August 18.

He said that the website will help Ghanaians know the promises fulfilled so far in the almost four-years of the NPP administration.

The infrastructure data when you get to this address can be obtained either by sectors like education, health, agriculture and the rest. You can also search by region specifics as well, or you can go by districts. So everything can be found on this website,” Dr. Bawumiah said.

View of the Website

As the name implies, the delivery tracker is a portal where the status of delivery of government promises and also infrastructural projects. It will enhance transparency and accountability in governance. It will also enable the government to ensure that uncompleted projects are prioritized in the process of capital budgets. The portal is a living portal so it is going to be regularly updated.

view of the website

Dr. Bawumia stated further that Ghana is the only Sub Saharan country in Africa to have launched such a website. “This is a novelty,” he declared.

As far as we know, Ghana is the only country in Africa that has implemented this publicly accessible delivery tracker for its infrastructure projects. No other country has done so,” the Vice President added.

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