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Google Chrome’s new feature will tell you if your accounts are hacked – Here’s why you need to install it!

Google has rolled out a new version of its Chrome browser with an intriguing new feature. It will warn you if your accounts have been hacked.

The way it works is that when you log in to a service with Chrome – Facebook, for example – it will check the credentials against a database of known data breaches. If it identifies that your information is on there, you’ll get a notification.

The feature is part of the latest version of the Chrome desktop browser. It’s not exactly trailblazing here – Mozilla’s Firefox has a tool called Firefox Monitor that will let you check and see if your details have been compromised. You’ll be able to find the new functionality in the sync settings within Chrome.

Google is using strongly hashed and encrypted copies of passwords to match them with the databases so it doesn’t leave itself open to being hacked.

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