22-year-old James Gilbert Kwarteng, arrested in Spain for $370,000 ‘biggest ever Amazon scam in Europe’

A Ghanaian in Spain has been arrested after pulling off one of the greatest scams ever in Amazon history, duping the online retail store of over $370,000.

James Gilbert Kwarteng, 22, would order items from Amazon and then return them for a refund.

Kwarteng found a way to use Amazon’s return policy to make money for himself by not actually returning the item. What he did was fill a box with dirt weighing exactly as the item he ordered and then send it back to Amazon as defective and receive a refund. He would then sell the original item he took from the box.

The scam was not discovered because whilst Amazon received rejected goods and provide customers with a refund, the returned boxes are not opened immediately.

Kwarteng made circa $370,000 from the scam before it was discovered when Amazon reviewed their return policy and an employee found the boxes filled with dirt.

The Technological Crimes Unit of the Superior Headquarters of the Balearic Islands carried out an investigation and Kwarteng and an associate were discovered and arrested.

He appeared in court over the weekend and was granted bail in the sum of $3,300. His spectacular crime has been described by the press as the “biggest Amazon scam ever recorded in Europe,”

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