Opera and AirtelTigo

Free browsing On Opera Mini Browser, News App brought to you by AirtelTigo and Opera

AirtelTigo has partnered with the mobile web browser Opera Mini to offer free data and surfing on the Opera Mini browser and Opera News App for three months.

This partnership allows both new and existing AirtelTigo customers to automatically receive free 50MB data every day to access latest local and global news anytime.

The free daily data cover browsing only on Opera News and Opera Mini and does not include video streaming or downloading files from the internet.

We are excited to bring this powerful browsing platform to our customers, and we are confident that this partnership will be instrumental in helping us bring more Ghanaians online,” said the Chief Business Officer at AirtelTigo Business, Ethel Anamoo.

It’s essential to lower the barriers for access to information in these unprecedented times, “said Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera. “Our browser and news apps are important access points for people to stay on top of both local and global news and together with AirtelTigo we will make browsing and access to information free for millions of Ghanaians.” 

Now, as much as i commend Opera News and AirtelTigo for this initiative, i think they could have done better by increasing the Data size, adding video or a partnership with youtube to it and also working on their on network in other to provide satisfactory service to their costumers because their networking is failing especially their internet.

If you think this is a good initiative or they could have done more please leave your comment below!

source/references: technovagh.com,AirtelTigo, Opera News
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