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Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct messages are merging

In 2019, Facebook announced plans to merge WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Thus allowing users to cross-message across platforms, even if they don’t have accounts on those apps but their friends do. 

Great news for anyone who is only using one of the messaging systems because friends and family do but would prefer to use another. 

It seems that the plans may now slowly be turning into reality. The Verge spotted a pop-up when opening Instagram which prompted an update to the messaging system that would add new features including emojis, swipe to reply and, of course, the ability to chat with friends who use Facebook.

Clicking that update button then changes the classic direct message button within Instagram and swaps it for the Facebook Messenger button instead. 

The Verge notes that the update certainly includes visual changes at the moment, but this early rollout means it’s not possible to message Facebook users from Instagram just yet. 

Facebook has also told The Verge that this update is just available to a small number of people at the moment but that the company is “…looking forward to testing it in other countries so we can keep learning from this.”

We’re expecting to see this change available to more users in the near future. 

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