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Facebook launches Kit, an experimental Apple Watch messaging app -Here is why you might need it!

Facebook’s experimental app group, NPE Team, has launched a messaging app for Apple Watch called Kit (stands for Keep in Touch). It lets you send a voice message, your location, or an emoji with a tap on the Apple Watch screen.

Here’s the app’s description:

“Kit makes keeping in contact from your watch easy. Everything you need to compose a message is just one tap away. No more struggling to navigate a tiny screen to find the right option. To get started, just scan the QR code on your watch and pick a contact. One tap lets you send a voice message, your location or an emoji. You also have easy access to speech-to-text. We hope that Kit helps you keep in touch with those most important to you – without constantly needing to pick up your phone.”

The NPE Team formed in July 2019 and also recently launched an app called Tunes that helps couples to connect during the pandemic. It’s unclear why NPE would launch Kit now, however, especially considering Facebook Messenger has more features, and there’s an Apple Watch app for that.

Plus, to even use Kit, you need a Facebook Messenger account. 

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AnonymousGhana spotted Kit and noted you can use it to send all sorts of communications, including voice recordings with your location data. Other than that, it’s a very rudimentary app with basic features. It’s free to download and use now from Apple’s App Store here.

source/reference: pocket-linkt.com / apps.apple.com/ newsnow.co.uk
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