Twitter has disclosed the discovery of a security bug on Android that left some private messages exposed to malicious actors

Twitter has disclosed the discovery of a security bug that impacted only a small percentage of users, according to a brief note detailing the matter. According to the company, it … Read More

New Security Flaw! – Attackers bypass multi-factor authentication to hijack email accounts

Researchers at Abnormal Security have detected an increase in business email compromise attacks that successfully compromise email accounts despite the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access. This is possible because … Read More

Malware writer pleads guilty to aiding Cybercrime ring to steal identities, payment cards and sensitive data amounting to $568 million.

Another key member of the massive Infraud cybercrime ring is likely heading to prison. Software writer Valerian Chiochiu has pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy for helping Infraud Organization develop and use FastPOS malware that … Read More

Chinese hackers charged with stealing coronavirus vaccine research – Here’s what you need to know!

Coronavirus vaccine and treatment research was targeted in several attacks on US firms originating from China, the US government announced. Two Chinese hackers were indicted for the hack of various … Read More

Aisha Konate, an Ivorian, arrested in connection with Ghana’s biggest ever Bank Cyber Attack – Read Now!

A woman has been arrested in connection with the hacking of the software of one of the universal banks in the country, bringing the number of arrested persons to seven. … Read More