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Bill Gates Lauds Ghana and Zipline.

Bill Gates, former Chair of Microsoft has in his recent tweet lauded Ghana for adopting drone technology to distribute essential medical supplies to health facilities across the country.

In Gates’ tweet, the renowned business tycoon and philanthropist commended Zipline, the company responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the drones for its implementing the innovative idea. This tweet comes after Ghana signed a contract with Zipline.

Last month, was inauguration of the Omenako centre in the Eastern Region to serve as a point from where blood and other essential medicines and vaccines will be distributed by drones to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Bill Gates on Twitter
Bill Gates in his tweet.

Bill Gates in his tweet said “It’s amazing to think about the creative ways we’ve delivered vaccines over the years (even by dog sled, when necessary). Today, a startup called Zipline is even using delivery drones to reach the most remote parts of the world.”

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