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AfricaOnline’s JOLA satellite broadband service officially launched in Ghana

The AfricaOnline Ghana (iWayAfrica), a major subsidiary of Gondwana International Networks (GIN) that has offered services to over 67,000 corporate and over 20,000 consumer subscribers/associates across the sub-Saharan Africa, has launched a new satellite broadband service promising comsumers of a 100% coverage of the country through multiple spot beams. The ISP says its new Ka-Band JOLA-branded service will spread its its coverage to reach even the most remote parts of Ghana, but consumers near and far will also benefit business continuity services in urban areas as well.

‘We are proud to be the first to launch the Avanti HYLAS4 service in Ghana. Our rigorous testing over the past few months has given us the confidence that our customers will be very satisfied with the quality of service and speeds of up to 35Mbps download,’ said the renowned AfricaOnline (Ghana) managing director Foster Plender.

GIN has partnered with Avanti since 2014 for the rollout of high speed satellite services in Southern and Eastern Africa. In August 2018 the group was granted Master Distributor status for its new service on the latest satellite, HYLAS4, with new market focus on West and Central Africa.The promise the best of service in the coming years so Ghanaians should still hold on to them like they have been throughout the past years.

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