About the company

Anonymousghana.com is currently Ghana’s leading IT(Technology) related news contents and articles provider. We provide our readers with comprehensive, accurate and eligible IT relate news contents across the country. Our services ranges from IT, Business, Techpreneurs, Startups, etc cutting across Banking, Securities, Agriculture, Commerce and others.

We have a great team of qualified and experienced news editors, content providers, writers, publishers and others who are dedicated to ensuring that all activities in, around and outside the site are coordinated to near perfection.

On our Services page (anonymousghana.com/services) you will find a list of other services we provide to our readers or customers at no or appreciable charges.



Contact Name:  Addai Daniel Ntiamoah

Designation : Chief Executive Officer
Address : ANT 21, Aplaku-Weija
Mobile : (+233) 0279489127
Telephone : 00233 279489127
Email : info.anonymousgh@gmail.com
Website : https://anonymousghana.com

Mission Statement

We, as anonymous as we are, want to, with the drive of various mechanisms and measure, bring into light people (citizens) to the government and the government to the people without leaving anybody behind and enlighten and educate citizens on topical issues.

“Creative commons develop, supports, and steward a new global innovative measure to maximize digital creativity, sharing, and other innovations”


-Leveraging from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities- Blogs, Merchandise, Market research, market research published reports.

-To work relentlessly, resiliently and vehemently, with good work ethics, truthfulness and unbiased in other to achieve our aim/Mission

-Developing Visibility to generate new business leads.

Our Vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the internet-universal access to research and education, full participation in culture-to drive a new Era of development, growth, and productivity.

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